Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg


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Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg

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Made In Switzerland

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Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

With more EGF ( Epidermal Growth)  and multivitamins content Miracle White Perfection is the newest Miracle White with a boosted formula with an anti-ageing formula. Miracle white brightens your skin, makes it totally free and smooth from dark spots and has an anti-ageing formula. Kojic’s acid present in the Miracle White Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg lightens visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-ageing effect on the skin. In addition to the skin-lightening impacts, kojic acid likewise includes some antimicrobial properties. Alpha-lipoic acid present in the powder composition of Miracle white has strong antioxidant properties, which reduce inflammation and skin ageing; apart from skincare properties, it promotes healthy nerve function, lowers heart problem risk factors, and slows the progression of memory loss disorders.
Benefits of Miracle White Perfection:
Soothes and supports the skin
Whitens the skin inside and out
Reduces dull skin and repairs sun-damaged skin
Removes imperfections and maintains white skin & smooth skin
Moisturises the skin and substantially enhances skin firmness and flexibility.
Enhances blood flow and skin cell regrowth (anti-ageing factor).
Vial composition.
Multivitamin Complex CRP 5000mg.
Ascorbic Acid 5000mg.
Kojic Acid 2500mg.
Coenzyme Q10 1000mg.
Thioctic Abid 600mg.
Skin Development Aspect 2000.
Powder Structure.
Nano Concentrated Gluthatione 60000mg.
ALA Alpha lipoid acid 5000mg.
Origin Country: Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg is made in Switzerland.
Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg- ONCE A WEEK. Mix 1 set of miracle White Perfection with 100 ml of NaCl and infuse it for one week 1x
Pregnant and nursing mothers should consider a Dermatologist before intake the Miracle White Gold Perfection VI Glutathione 60000mg
Allergic to Vitamin (any kind).
Patients with Cardiovascular problems should not use it.
Chemotherapy Patients should not use.


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